Brick is a material that can literally last hundreds of years, as can be seen in houses and buildings around the world. However, the mortar that holds those bricks together doesn’t last nearly as long or look as good as time passes. Depending on the weather and moisture it’s exposed to, the mortar in your brickwork may last twenty to thirty years. With tuckpointing services from Perth Bricklaying Company, your mortar can be repaired and touched up, and the exterior of your home or business can look great for years to come.

What is Tuckpointing?

The original mortar bed in your brickwork is several inches deep, and if you’ve noticed that spots in your retaining wall, fence, or pier head have begun to lose mortar, tuckpointing can be the best remedy. An experienced brickie, like those at Perth Bricklaying Company, can grind or remove the old mortar to a certain depth, usually less than one inch, and then run a thin line of different coloured mortar along the length of the wall. If the old mortar is left unchecked or unrepaired, there is the possibility that moisture will get in or behind your bricks, which can cause all kinds of problems. With proper tuckpointing, your wall, fence, and other brickwork will look great for years to come. We complete every job with a keen eye and a steady hand, so you’ll know you’re receiving quality work.

If you’re concerned about your brick wall or the state of the mortar in the wall, contact us today. We’ll thoroughly inspect your brickwork and let you know if it’s possible to repair it through tuckpointing. If bricks have become loose or fallen off the wall, the only solution might be to tear down and rebuild the wall, which we can also handle. Call us today at 1300-BRICKIE to discuss your tuckpointing options!