Sloping yards can be fixed

Does your yard have a slight slope to it, making it hard to figure out your landscaping? Do you want a clear division of levels throughout your yard?

Perth Bricklaying Company can do that for you! We pride ourselves on our ability to provide each customer with retaining walls that meet their specific wants and needs.

With steep slopes and challenging grades, it can be quite difficult to find a landscaping technique that works for your yard. Brick retaining walls are a wonderful solution to this problem. Retaining walls help solve a variety of landscaping problems because of their strength and ability to hold the earth in place.


Form combined with function

We have a variety of brick colors available, and you can choose the type and style that fits your needs.

Your retaining wall can add value to your landscape, and change the way you think about your yard. Our goal is to help you design a unique landscape that works as both a visually pleasing design and functional one.

Whether you would like a retaining wall to help stabilize the ground below, or want to add design elements to your landscape, you can count on Perth Bricklaying Company. You will have a landscape unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and your yard will stand out in the neighbourhood.

If you think that retaining walls are the answer you have been searching for, contact us today! Transform your yard and have the landscape you have always wanted.