What is Repointing?

Repointing is the process of removing old or damaged mortar from the gaps in your brickwork and injecting new mortar into them. This not only adds to the appearance of the wall, but it also adds strength to the structure. It’s like giving your old wall a facelift, but more importantly, it improves the structural integrity of the wall, adding years to its life.

How We Do It

Depending on the level of damage in the wall, it is often necessary to remove some of the old damaged sections of the brickwork and replace them altogether. However, if it’s just the mortar that is showing deterioration, then we can grind out the old mortar with a specialised grinding tool.

We then use a mortar injecting gun to pump new mortar in between the bricks, ensuring no gaps are left and no air is trapped. We then go over the injected mortar and make sure it looks neat and tidy. This process often leaves the wall looking like it has just been built, and is a process that many people don’t even know is possible.

So, if your brick wall is showing its age or maybe the mortar has started to wash away or shows gaps in it, contact Perth Bricklaying Company today and we can let you know what your options are. We might be able to save you a heap of time and money by repairing your old wall instead of replacing or rebuilding it.

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