Planting made simple

Do you find that when you try to plant, nothing seems to grow no matter how hard you try? Do you have a space in your yard that could use some character and depth to it, or a fence you want to hide?

There is a solution for you!

Brick planter boxes offer you a way to garden without having to dig up the soil that is already in your yard. They can be made to any shape or size to fit your space and they can be left as brick or rendered to match your house or used as a feature with lighting.

Unlike wood, brick will never rot and will also keep invasive plants from propagating across your entire yard. By filling the boxes with the soil of your choice and dividing your garden into sections, planter boxes add a functional design to your landscape as a whole; not to mention, they will also last for many years when properly constructed by one of our expert bricklayers.

Gardening done the right way

Gardening is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities that also yields a great reward. It is no wonder so many people choose to take it up as a hobby!

This summer, let your garden flourish with Perth Bricklaying Company. When you want to put your green thumb to the test, give yourself planter boxes that make gardening enjoyable, instead of a chore.

From flowers to vegetables, fruit, herbs and more, planter boxes built by our team are sure to make this year the best crop yet. Just because your yard doesn’t have the soil you need, that doesn’t mean you can’t have the garden of your dreams. With brick planter boxes, your garden is sure to shine. Contact us today to see what we can build for you.