Your chimney is one of the defining features of your home’s exterior, and it’s important for it to both look good and function well. If you have a wood or gas fireplace, you want to be sure the chimney is solid and that smoke can safely find its way out of your home. If there are bricks missing from your chimney, or the chimney leans to one side, a number of problems can occur, including water damage and smoke retention. With professional services from Perth Bricklaying Company, these issues can be remedied in no time at all.

We’ll Inspect Both Interior and Exterior

Our team of brickwork experts will inspect both the interior and exterior of your chimney, including the top that protrudes from your roof and the firebox located inside your home. We’ll look for cracks, degraded mortar, and other issues that could be contributing to your chimney problems, and recommend the proper repairs and remediation. It might be necessary to install a new chimney, and we’ll discuss the costs and processes associated with that. If possible, we will repair and restore your current chimney to its former beauty and functionality.

If your home’s chimney is leaning, or you’ve noticed crumbling or missing bricks, call us today at 1300-BRICKIE. We’ll send an experienced brickie to your home who will thoroughly inspect your chimney and suggest the best steps for correcting any problems that are found. Once we begin repairs, we’ll work quickly and efficiently. We look forward to speaking with you soon about your chimney needs!