1. Improve Your Home’s Value with New Brickwork

    If you're preparing to sell your home, there are some obvious things you can do to improve both its appeal and value. You might paint the interior walls, refinish the floors, or replace that old cabinet hardware. While these things are great for the inside of the house, it's important to remember that potential buyers will see the exterior first. Upgrading the outside of your home can go a long wa…Read More

  2. Establish Your New Address with a Brick Letter Box

    Settling into a new house can take time, and you want to do whatever you can to make it feel like home. Your focus is most likely on the interior of the house, but it's important not to forget about the exterior. If there are updates or renovations that can be made to the garden or property that will enhance the appeal and functionality of the exterior, Perth Bricklaying Company is here to help. W…Read More

  3. Create New Planter Boxes for Spring

    Perth might be in the middle of winter at the moment, but that doesn't mean you aren't thinking about the coming spring. Western Australia doesn't see the cold and wind that other parts of the country do, but the cooler temperatures and rainy days might make you hope spring will come quickly. With the arrival of spring comes the ideas of flowers, herbs, and other plants in your garden. If you've …Read More

  4. Transform Your Yard With Professional Brickwork

    If you feel that your landscaping could be improved, or that in its current state, it doesn’t stand out like you want it to, Perth Bricklaying is here to help. From brick planter boxes to retaining walls, we can transform your yard into a visually and aesthetically pleasing space, as well as a functional space where you can sit and enjoy the Australian sunshine. We can create multiple levels wit…Read More

  5. Cement Render vs. Texture Coat/Acrylic Render

    Not sure which type of render to use: well here is some helpful information that will put you on the right track to choosing which render is best for your job. Cement render is the most commonly used form of render mainly due to its cost effectiveness and simplicity as its contents only include plasterer’s sand, cement and lime. The render can be applied to the wall with no edging needed howev…Read More